The Partner Institute

The experts in transformational legal practice growth and development.

The Partner Institute is the first organisation dedicated to the development of Partners and Senior Lawyers in Australasia.  If you have a challenge, we have a solution. Contact us for a confidential discussion to see how we may be able to assist you in the development of your career or firm.

Results count, that is why we have focused on refining our search process to ensure best possible outcomes for our clients and partner candidates.

  • Is market perception of your firm holding back growth and expansion?
  • Is your firm plateauing in size?
  • Is your client base not growing?
  • Partner performance or cultural challenges?
  • Are you starting or have started your own boutique law firm?

Only the top 5% of firms and partners achieve their desired goals around profit, expansion, income, time and satisfaction. Which category do you fall into ?

We have a dedicated team of coaches, search and merger consultants and trainers who can provide you and your firm with guidance and support RIGHT NOW.  We understand the challenges that you face as we are solely focused on one thing – Law Firm Partners.



Our consultants are able to assist law firms with their growth and succession planning strategies by sourcing appropriately qualified lateral partner recruits and merger partners.


Discover the skills and mindset that superstar partners have that program them for success ahead of others. Up until recently, it was thought that only those that are born with “the knack for business development” had the ability to build an extraordinary practice – but this is not the case. Learn how you too can develop the mindset, skills and behaviour to program yourself for success.


Uncover how to make reading and understanding your team members effortless by decoding their core needs, behavioural profile and how these tie into their personality and behaviour. You can unlock the keys to inspiring others and yourself through our leadership and mentoring program. We are also able to assist you in situations where you need intervention for a member of your team.